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Foreclosure Investment Values

Foreclosure Investment Values

Foreclosures provide a great potential for investment value because they are cheap houses sold at below market prices. At most sales, you'll find discounts ranging anywhere from 30 to 60% off the actual value of a home right off the bat. This means that after you buy a foreclosure, you could turn around and sell it immediately for a profit (home flipping).

This makes foreclosure investing a great option for any buyer. Whether you're looking to increase your margin for appreciation value on your family home, or you're interested in buying properties to rent out and sell for a profit further down the line, there's no better way to maximize the value of a home purchase than with a low priced home foreclosure.

Learning to Choose the Right Homes

Since foreclosure investing can be useful for a wide range of potential buyers, it's important to know how to choose the right properties for your needs. Investing successfully in foreclosures is all about being able to choose properties with the best potential for value not only on purchase, but in the future, specially if you're thinking about flipping houses. Try to determine more than just the quality and condition of the home itself, be sure to examine the surrounding neighborhood, such as the local economy, school systems and population growth statistics. Buying a home at a good investment value has as much to do with the home itself as it does with the area it's in when it comes to future values.

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Below is a video where a specialist talks about how to invest in foreclosed homes:

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